Towards a Safer Khayelitsha

The Report of the Commission of Inquiry
into Allegations of Police Inefficiency and
a Breakdown in Relations between SAPS
and the Community in Khayelitsha
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All the documents that formed part of the Commission’s deliberations are now on the website under the ‘Bundles’ menu.

Inspection in Loco Conducted on 21 and 22 January 2014

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Press Statement: Final legal argument

28 May 2014

The Commission of Inquiry is entering its final phase. The Commission has received and perused thousands of documents from the South African Police Service, including around 500 police dockets. It has also received submissions and documents from the City of Cape Town, the Department of Community Services and other role players. It has received over 200 affidavits from members of the community and people affected by policing in Khayelitsha. It has received over 50 expert reports on a range of topics.

The Commission has held extensive public hearings. It sat for 3 days of preliminary hearings in 2012 and 2013. It heard evidence from affected community members and role players over 31 days of public sittings in 2014 in phase 1. In May 2014, the Commission had 5 days of public sittings where it heard the analysis and recommendations of experts who had considered the evidence before the Commission. The Commission also held inspections in loco over 4 days. The transcripts of the hearings, and many of the statements and reports submitted to the Commission can be found on its website:

The Commission will sit for one final day on 29 May 2014 to hear closing legal argument from the parties to the Commission. The parties will present their conclusions based on the evidence that has been led before the Commission, as well as their recommendations for what they think the Commission should consider in its final report. A detailed hearing plan for the day is attached.

Following legal argument, the Commissioners, Justice Catherine O’Regan and Adv Vusi Pikoli, must compile a written report of their findings and recommendations as to how any inefficiency in the delivery of police services or a breakdown in relations between the community of Khayelitsha and the South African Police Service may be alleviated or remedied.  This report must be submitted to the Premier of the Western Cape by the 11th of July 2014.

The hearing will take place at Lookout Hill, cnr Mew Way and Spine Road, Khayelitsha.

For more information, please contact:

Amanda Dissel
Secretary of the Commission of Inquiry
082 417 1407
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.